Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Perfect is overrated

Life will always be messy and that's a good thing!
Every spring, Oprah  puts out her organizing issue in March and its always full of goodies- great items, tips, online resources, I usually keep them to refer to later on. This issue has the new rules of de-cluttering- Some very useful tidbits that I want to share, but her final point may be the most important.
Give stuff away, don't be afraid to let it go!
Pair down the clothes in your closet, whether too big or too small, much can be donated. 
A junk drawer IS allowed-this is a spot where odds and ends can have a home- a little chaos in a clean house is good! 
Finish the cycle- Don't do things halfway, complete the routine, dirty dishes go in a dishwasher, mail needs to be sorted not piled, clothes hung- it will save time and energy!!
Fork it! everything in your life should be easy to put away, it have its own place - just like if you found a random fork somewhere you would know exactly where it goes.
Life will be always be messy- That's a good thing!
the rule which caught me was the last- we collect clutter - we have memories and experiences and that's a good thing! Organization should not make you feel the need to be perfect- nothing is- a perfect, spotless home lacks life and is unrealistic, who wants to live in a museum anyway?
Creating systems which minimize stress and create balance is what we strive for. A messy life is a happy one, but organization will help you breathe easier and get out the door on time! So make a plan, follow through, purge, sort and keep and then get started living with less.

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